Behrmann Meats and Processing specializes in processing your Deer, Elk and Wild Game meat. Please call to book your custom processing. Must drop off game in back.

Pork Processing Charge

Slaughter Per head
Slaughter Per head Over 200lb
Sows - Max Charge
Breakdown Only Chg Per Hog
WHL Hog in Brugers/PK Saus Patties
WHL Hog Bulk PK. Sausage
Cutting Chg
Wrapping Chg
Curing Chg
Rendering Chg
Link Pk Saus.-Brats-Italian
Pepper/Jack Cheese
Bulk Pk. Saus, Italian & Brats
Breakfast Links
Pk. Saus. Pat. & Brat Burger
$1.35 per 6# box
Pork Burger & Bacon Sizzlers
$1.35 per 6# box
Liver Sausage Rings
Liver Saus. & Blood Saus. Straights
Bacon Sizzlers
$0.45/lb to Mix
Head Cheese
Ham Saus. Sum Saus. & Polish Saus.
Precooked Brats & Bologna
Summer Sausage
Slim Jims
B/O & Net Hams, Loins, Butts, Callies
Cubing Hams & Callies
Smoking Sausages
Bake & Slice Roast
Cooking Pork Begin weight
Shredding Pork actual meat X

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