Behrmann Meats and Processing

About Us

Behrmann Retail and Wholesale Meat & Processing, is a family owned business that was started by one individual in 1968. In 2010 after five additions to the building, we have grown to 40 full-time and 4 part-time employees. Our business is Custom Pork, Beef and Venison Processing.

Currently we are processing over 250 hogs weekly, all locally raised, and approximately 25 beef. Our custom processing customers come from a radius of 75 miles, in some cases farther. Each year our venison processing increases, this year reaching 2,500 processed orders.

Our specialties consist of Cured Bacon, Bone-In and Bone-Out Cured Hams, and our "squeel'n fresh" Pork Sausage and Bratwurst (which are available in a variety of flavors), not to mention our fresh Beef cuts. Our products are sold wholesale and retail. Our wholesale route consists of five delivery trucks making deliveries to various stores and restaurants in a 175-200 mile radius.

We are often referred to as "The Biggest little Plant in Southern Illinois" and of course very proud of the comment.

Mission statement of Behrmann Meats and Processing

The mission of Behrmann Meats and Processing is to produce process and sell quality products at the highest level possible. As part of our Commitment, we provide a sense of warmth, friendliness, showmanship, and take pride in our craft. We are dedicated to surpass any limitations that may present itself and to continue to add to our mountain of excellence that has been carved in the book of greatness written by you our customers. We are also committed our Employees, by providing a comfortable and safe working environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth with in this organization.